“Many thanks for the flowers, the card and the good wishes for our new home.
It is quite a few years since you wrote to us introducing your company. That made us aware and we followed progress on sites such as Elsdon Lane. The sites were clearly well managed. We then met and you recommended Eugene to us. A big thank you for that recommendation. I think Eugene has done a really fine job.
Just over a year ago we invited you to tender and you were always our preferred contractor. Your tender made it possible to contract you to build our new home. You have done a great job of this and throughout I have been impressed by your team which of course includes subcontractors. Not only has the standard of work been high but you have maintained the momentum throughout. Whilst I hope I don’t miss people out I still think it is worth mentioning what I hope is a pretty complete list.
Chris Llewlyn did a good job of getting rid of the old house and putting in the foundations for the new one. He returned to finish the outside works prior to the blacktop going down.
Richard, your mason, did a great job of putting up the brick and blockwork including the arches over the windows and the stonework.
Joe and Dave did the carpentry from the first floor, through to the roof and first and second fix. Joe did a fine job of putting in the joinery made by Mike Roach whose work was also impressive.
Tony from Honiton electrical had a real understanding of what was needed in the wiring making helpful suggestions right through to labelling the consumer unit so we know which switch is which.
Dave did the tiling and gave creative input and excellent results. Sean did a great job with the decorating (though we now realise we will never achieve the sort of finish a professional decorator achieves).
Bill did a great job of valuations (and explaining things to us) which meant that we could pay promptly each time
I am sure we have missed people off but don’t take this omission as any comment on their work.
Finally the person who pulled it all together, Mike. I know that all the activities mentioned above don’t happen by chance because I have managed construction contracts and project managers. It takes a lot of planning and effort and expertise to ensure momentum is maintained and quality is achieved (not to mention keeping a rein on costs). At one point I had pretty well given up on the NHBC certificate but Mike ploughed on and got it sorted out.
So a big thank you for building our new home it means a lot to us. We both think you can be proud of what your company achieves. We wish you a successful, prosperous and safe future.”

Malcolm and Julia Roberts